Over 120 languages are spoken in the islands of Vanuatu, many of them spoken by a relatively small number of people. The official languagesof Vanuatu are French, English and Bislama. Bislama is a form of pidgin English, which is spoken throughout the archipelego. Although its vocabulary is drawn in the main from English, it also takes words from French and various of the island languages, it is an independent language with its own rules and grammar. I will not attempt to give a comprehensive account of Bislama here, however I will give you a taste of the language.

Olsem wanem?
i gud
Tank yu
Tank yu tumas
Em i bigwan tumas
Mi wantem sam kakae
Em i namba wan
Em i kilim mama blong hem
Bambae em i kam tru
Oli stap long haos blong mi
Mi no save
Man ia em i wan giaman
Lukim yu bakagen
Long wanem taem plaen i fol daon?
Jif i kam long Vila yet?
Yes i kam tru finis

How are you?
Thank you
Thank you very much
How much? or how many?
It is very big
I want some food
It is the best
He hit his mother
He will be here soon
I don't know
They are at my house
This man is a liar
See you again
What time will the plane land?
Has the chief come to Vila yet?
Yes he has arrived already

This is only a tiny sample of the language, if you want to know more there is a simple guide entitled:
"Evri samting yu wantem save long bislama be yu fraet tumas blong askem." (Everything you want to know about Bislama but are too scared to ask)
There is also a bislama dictionary and a more comprehensive bislama course available.

Here is a song in Bislama:

Mi luvim yu wetem luv blong masta,
Mi luvim yu wetem luv blong masta,
Glori, glori, stan long fes blong yu
Mi luvim wetem luv blong masta.

In English this song is:

I love you with the love of the Lord,
Yes I love you with the love of the Lord,
And I see in you the glory of my king,
Yes I love you with the love of the Lord.