North Efate

Beautiful north Efate

North Efate

Smaller islands visible in the distance


A pleasant place for a drink and something to eat in North Efate

Shepherd Islands

On a clear day the Shepherd Islands are visible in the distance.

Lelepa island

Lelepa Island

Lelepa island

Lelepa Island's cliffs, with people visiting the caves just visible. Sadly, following an earthquake in 2002, these caves are no longer accessible

Eretoka island

Eretoka Island, also known as Hat Island, where paramount chief Roimata is rumoured to be buried


The island of Tanna with the volcano Yasur visible in the background

Ash Plain

Shelters on the ash plain near Mt Yasur including one under construction


Looking down into the crater of Yasur. It is still active and there is constant ash and smoke rising from inside, as well as rocks being thrown into the air, accidents are not unknown!

Rabbit island

Rabbit Island

Klem's Hill

The view from the top of Klem's Hill


The base of the Cascade Waterfalls

Nguna island

Nguna Island, a volcanic island

Lelepa Landing

Lelepa landing, the canoe park used by the people of Lelepa Island when they visit Efate

Lelepa cave

Cave paintings inside the cave on Lelepa Island


Villagers on the Northern island of Pentecost

Pentecost land dive

The land dive ceremony on the island of Pentecost

Tanna island

Mount Yasur the world's most accessible active volcano


Nearing the summit of Mt Yasur